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Dan’s Books

A, B, See ... In 3D

This workbook provides over 100 3D visualization exercises for Engineering, Architecture, and Art students, challenging them to create three dimensions from two. A, B, See…in 3D is a powerful and effective way to help teach spatial visualization and is much different from current exercises in which students are presented objects in isometric views (already in 3D), and are asked to create multiple views, fold patterns, manipulate, reflect, or rotate them.

3-D Visualization Skills series

The ability to visualize in a 3-D environment is an essential skill for communication through graphics. It has been defined as “the ability to mentally imagine, understand, rotate, and manipulate 3-D geometric objects”. Spatial skills are very important for a large variety of careers. The exercises created for this book reproduce images of some ruins of ancient walls and challenge the viewer to count the number of the remaining bricks.