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Pick Put Peg

Pick Put Peg Games is a challenging set of two-player games of skill and strategy with increased levels of difficulty that greatly enhance the players’ abilities to visualize in 3-D.

Game Overview

Pick Put Peg

The increased challenge of the games is the fact that at all times, almost half of the playing area is obscured by the cylindrical body obliging the players to develop a mental image of the whole playing area and improve their 3-D visualization skills, strategic thinking, and attention to details.

Each game type is played similarly. Players alternately place one peg in a hole. The winner is the first player that puts the pegs in a full formation – column, ring, or diagonal.

If all pegs are inserted in the tube and one or two holes remain open, players will take turns and remove one of their pegs and place it in an open hole until the first player puts the pegs in a full formation.

Game Variations

All games can be played in “Solitaire” mode with all pegs inserted in holes and one or two holes remaining open. Pegs may be removed only by jumping over them with another peg. Ideally, the game is played until only one peg is left.