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Puzzle Build

Puzzle Build is a game that increases the players’ level of abstract thinking, pattern recognition, and visualization skills by creating puzzle shapes from modular components. The basic game uses tiles with dots to form letters.

Game Overview

Puzzle Build

Each player has a single puzzle pad and draws a letter card from the letter card deck. The player with the highest letter in the alphabet starts the game.

If the players are beginning learners of the alphabet the letter cards are placed on the table face up. If players are more advanced the letter cards should be placed facedown.

The first player draws a tile from the bag. If the tile is useful to create the player’s letter it is placed in its place on the puzzle pad. If the tile is not useful it is placed on the table in the common area. The next player has the option of taking the tile off the table or drawing a new one from the bag.

The game continues until one player finds all nine tiles for the letter puzzle on the letter card belonging to that player. That player is declared the winner.

The game may be played with two or even three-letter cards per player or team of players following the same rules if a longer playtime is desired.